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Meet The South Perth Chiropractic Centre Team

Kylie Rogers

Kylie RogersI have been seeing Dr Mike for monthly adjustments since I was 16. I always knew how much my adjustments made me feel better whenever I would have them, but it wasn’t until I started working at South Perth Chiropractic Centre that I really saw some of the differences that Chiropractic can make to people’s lives.

I lived in London as a nanny for three years and on my return in 2008, after talking to Mike, took a job with South Perth Chiropractic Centre. Most of my time is spent managing the admin side of the centre. My favorite thing about being here is the wonderful atmosphere of the clinic and the great fun relationships that the staff have. It is also a very family-orientated clinic so it is lovely to get to know the patients and see their families grow.

Helene Donald

Helene DonaldBefore I started working at South Perth Chiropractic Centre, I was a patient here for about six years. I started seeing Dr Mike because of a neck problem that I had been experiencing for many years. He helped my neck, and so much more, and I was hooked! When the chance to work here arose, I jumped at the opportunity.

I love seeing the healing that goes on in this centre, and seeing all the happy smiling people that come through. It’s amazing to see the changes that happen in peoples lives.

Lauren Bradley

Lauren BradleyI began my Chiropractic journey two-and-a-half years ago when I realised I needed a change in my career. I was lucky enough to join South Perth Chiropractic Centre and I have never looked back! I love spending my days with my amazing colleagues and I feel blessed to witness the changes Chiropractic care makes to the lives of our patients every day! Chiropractic has made a huge impact on my own life and has made me realise what it’s like to feel well naturally. When I’m not in the clinic, I spend my time chilling out with my husband watching movies, cooking delicious recipes together or going for drives to find new and exciting things in and around Perth.

Jess Stonier

Jess StonierI moved to Perth from Brisbane towards the end of 2015, to live with my partner, Chris. In February of 2016 I had the privilege of joining the South Perth Chiropractic Centre family as a Chiropractic Assistant. This was my first taste of Chiropractic and I was hooked straight away! Not only do I feel immense pride in our team when I see people’s lives changed by the care they receive, but I also have a very personal relationship with Chiropractic since beginning my own wellness journey a year ago. In my spare time I can usually be found curled up on the couch with my cat and kitten, or exploring the amazing natural sights Perth has to offer.

Kaylee Blount

Kaylee Blount

Born and bred in South Africa and after studying Marketing for six-and-a-half years, I moved to Australia with my wonderful husband Dean. I have an immense love for all animals, especially dogs – the road to my heart is paved with paw prints. In my spare time I can be found in Kings Park or at an Outdoor Community Cinema. The motto that I live by is “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have that matters.”

Tayla Johnson

Tayla JohnsonI started working at South Perth Chiropractic Centre soon after commencing my Chiropractic degree, as I wanted to experience the industry in conjunction with my degree.  I have acquired invaluable skills that I will carry with me throughout my degree and future career, as well as solidifying my dream to become a Chiropractor. The Chiropractors at South Perth have been amazing mentors and I feel incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity to work alongside them. I enjoy meeting so many amazing people and witnessing the positive impact that Chiropractic has made in patients’ lives every day.

Jess Richardson

Jess RichardsonI am currently in my fifth and final year of studying Chiropractic and working at South Perth Chiropractic Centre is wonderful for experiencing a great diversity of patients as well as seeing the different approaches taken by our fantastic team of Chiropractors. Outside of studying and working, I love crossfit, eating, reading and being involved with my church.


Sara Craggs

My exposure to Chiropractic began upon returning from travel when I started working as a Chiropractic Assistant. Up until this point, I had no idea what Chiropractic was! I witnessed countless success stories and it was a pleasure to see the benefits from Chiropractic care in myself and in others. I was so inspired by the incredible Chiropractors I got to work with that I decided to apply to study Chiropractic at Murdoch University. Time has flown and I am now in my fifth and final year!  The holistic and conservative approach resonated with my values and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing profession. Outside of Chiropractic, I have strong interests in climbing and film and adore all creatures large and small.

How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. Get started today! (08) 9474 1955