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Meet Dr Josh Freedman – BSc, MSc(Chiro)

The Freedman Family

The Freedman Family

Kirsten, Benjamin, Sophia, Abigail Ruby and I are thrilled to be living in Perth after relocating from Sydney almost nine years ago.

I have been at South Perth Chiropractic Centre for eight-and-a-half continuous years and came to Perth with both locum and private practice experience in Sydney. I believe that health is amongst our most valuable possessions not to be taken for granted. Health is an intrinsic part of any human body with a properly functioning nervous system.

From the early age of nine I knew my path in life would lead to hands-on therapy

I was an avid massage therapist at twelve and knew my career and dedication lay in helping people. By age sixteen, I had failed to discover a profession with a caring, focused, and dedicated attitude. Until I went to observe a Chiropractor. I had never been to a Chiropractor myself and the results I witnessed were truly life changing and highly motivating. From that day on, it was clear how Chiropractic can have such a positive impact on one’s health and lifestyle. Ten years later, I graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney with a Masters of Chiropractic Science. My Post Graduate Chiropractic degree was based on a strong undergraduate medical science degree learning the intricacies, variety, and amazement of the human body with my fellow medical doctors.

Abigail Ruby, Benjamin and Sophia

Abigail Ruby, Benjamin and Sophia Freedman

Chiropractic Pregnancy & Paediatrics

I have particular interest in Chiropractic Pregnancy and Paediatrics (children), especially after having been through the entire process each time with my own three children. I regularly attend professional development conferences and seminars, which continue to improve my skills, treatment, and care for our patients. I have completed additional post graduate education within the Chiropractic Paediatrics field. This has provided significant skills in helping babies through to young adults receive effective Chiropractic care.  I love seeing many families and the smiles of patients both young and old once feeling refreshed, relaxed, and re-energized after an adjustment.

Away from the Chiropractic adjusting table I also enjoy many sports including cricket, golf, darts, tennis, soccer and athletics.

I was Once a Chiropractic Skeptic Too!

Chiropractic has always surprised me by the amazing results that people see during their care. I was once a skeptic too! From people with lots of symptoms, to those wanting to reach peak fitness, or people that start off a little cynical, when someone responds to treatment, it is always highly rewarding. But the most enjoyable part of my job is maintaining people’s health, thereby allowing them to do the things that they love doing.

Thanks for visiting our site. I hope to meet you in person and find out how chiropractic may be able to help you.

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